Jenny Brigman

Director of Professional Services & Client Relations

A results-driven Professional Services and Client Success with a 20-year career in transformation, spearheading people organization, process innovation, and technology integration to streamline project management, change management, and compliance processes. Known for significantly enhancing client relations and customer success through quality onboarding, delivery, and support of technologies. Leading cross-functional team performance while customizing client solutions and mentoring teams. A proven talent for developing processes from the ground up and ensuring each project’s uniqueness is leveraged to establish a distinct brand presence in the industry.

​Currently located in Charlotte, NC. Open to remote, hybrid & travel.



Jul 2021 | Nov 2023

Director, Leader of the Professional Services Group

Established the Tax Provision Professional Services Group, crafting foundational standard operating procedures and onboarding resources while ensuring project success and client retention. Guided strategic market positioning and product enhancements and managed budgets and a global team. Provided sales support through expert product demonstrations, successfully project-managed software implementation, and maintained post-implementation client relations and service quality.

Dec 2019 | Apr 2021

Managing Director

Directed Crowe’s Corptax and Longview Tax practices, shaping strategy and overseeing practice management, staffing, and financials. Fostered client partnerships to secure national projects and led selling initiatives. Standardized practice protocols for tax software implementation.

Mar 2009 | Oct 2019

Managing Director

Partnered with over 200 Top Fortune 500 multi-national clients to design processes, automating and implementing software technology, thereby reducing the tax provision and compliance processing time. Directed the Tax Reporting and Strategy team, guiding business strategy, project and change management, running practice resources, and developing national client engagements. Championed sales, standardized tax software implementation, and mentored staff. Acted as PwC’s Corptax Subject Matter Specialist, maintained pivotal software partnerships, and gained industry recognition.

Jul 2006 | Feb 2009

Senior Director

Project managed and led Corptax implementation projects, optimizing client technology and tax functions and enhancing efficiencies. Analyzed and transformed tax reporting processes, led P&L management to meet revenue targets, and unified Professional Services operations. Drove talent acquisition and collaborated with sales to develop and pitch new business proposals.

Early Career:

Partner, Senior Manager, and Regional Support Manager

Tax Consultant


Partnered with over 200 Top Fortune 500 multi-national clients to design processes, automating 80%, implementing software technology, and reducing the provision processing time by over 50%.

Establishing the Professional Services Group, increasing the team by 350%, reducing onboarding time by ~66%, and decreasing implementation time by 50% by developing and executing standard operating procedures.

Enhancing client relations by developing onboarding processes, training multi-national clients, providing support during critical and stressful periods, building relationships with executive teams, and upselling new products and add- ons, securing over 90% client retention.


P&L Management Relationship Building Team Leadership

Problem-Solving Tax Technical Expertise

Global Implementation Management

Cross-function Team Collaboration Management

Software and Project Sales SOX

Customer Success Startups

Strategic Planning Root Cause Analysis

Operational Excellence B2B & B2C

Project Management Professional Services

Quality Assurance Consulting

Service Delivery Customer Journey

Continuous Improvement

Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) Tax Technology Solutions

Meet Jenny


Master of Accounting

Bachelor of Business Administration


Cary Sundberg, CSC Corptax, Account Manager

“Jenny set high goals and expectation for the implementation team and also ensured that team members were or became well versed in their designated areas of subject matter expertise as part of her engagements. She is exceptional at creating a project timeline and managing it to successful completion in a steady manner throughout the project. You do not encounter the necessity to make up for planning errors along the project timeline by requiring excessive project resources as project wrap-up approaches in projects which Jenny oversees.”

Q & A

Who are your main influences?

I started my career as a CPA working in a traditional public accounting tax department. I realized that wasn’t for me so after getting my CPA, I went into into industry in a tax department at a very large financial institution. The finance department embarked on a finance transformation project and I was selected to represent tax. That’s when the tax technology bug got me. I enjoy working with clients, determining their pain points and identifying solutions to implement. I take great pride in the satisfaction of the clients I have served and relationships I have built over the years. In addition, this is a very team based career and over the years I have mentored many team members and that is very rewarding.

Which recent projects are you proud of?

I was employed at a tax technology start up company that was in the process of releasing a new product. They needed to build a professional services group to implement the product. I started with a blank slate and developed the Standard Operating Procedures and implementation methodologies which resulted in a cohesive onshore and offshore experienced team, successful standard implementations, and happy clients.

Do you live by any piece of advice or motto?

Steven Covey’s theory: “Seek first to understand and then to be understood”. This habit cuts down on reactivity and instead encourages thought and patience. By listening and understanding, you de-prioritize your own needs and become more open to new solutions. Another part of his theory is also something I live by: Allow for self-care. I apply both of these in my personal and professional live.

What are you passionate about?

“Work/Life Balance” not only for myself but also my teams. I’m passionate about what I do at work and get very excited to create positive outcomes for my clients. On a personal note my husband and dog are everything. Prior to covid, I was a road warrior and was on the road more than at home. In addition, this impacted me being involved with my family. I have a special needs niece and I missed out on a lot of her accomplishments. Now I realize that there needs to be a balance and try to mentor the younger team members to understand that. One positive outcome of the covid shut down, is it made me realize I needed balance. Work hard/Play hard.

What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute to your success, and why?

My leadership skills, being a team player, analytical skills and compassion. All are needed to lead the projects that I have successfully completed. Each project has different challenges and I found my analytical skills to look at challenges differently has helped me solve client issues.I have compassion for everyone on my teams. Pre-covid we were on the road every week away from families and that can take a toll on team members. I try to provide them with a work/life balance as that is something I’m passionate about.

Do you have a favorite season?

Spring/Early summer. That’s when the boating season really gets going in North Carolina. It allows for me and my husband to enjoy weekends rafting up with our friends and relaxing on the water.

Interests & Hobbies